Contact Customer Service

Our customer service team is excellently equipped to handle many of your requirements and are dedicated to making your SupplySide East experience as smooth and successful as possible.


If you are a Visitor and have inquiries regarding:

  • Qualification Status
  • Business/Employment Proof

Please contact [email protected].


If you are a Visitor and you need assistance registering or have inquiries regarding:

  • Confirmed Registration
  • Registration Assistance
  • Obtaining a VISA letter
  • Travel and directions

Please contact [email protected] or call:

Toll free: 866-922-0762

Local: 1-708-486-0798


If you are an Exhibitor, or have a question about:

  • Contracting a booth
  • Important exhibitor deadlines
  • Badges

Please review our Exhibitor Resources page or email [email protected].


For exhibitor registration assistance please contact [email protected] or call:

Toll free: 877-770-1656

Local: 913-850-6845