Learn about trends, insights and applications from industry experts and exhibiting suppliers at SupplySide East. 

Location: Meadowlands Exposition Center Room A

Tuesday, April 9  11:30am-3:30pm

Wednesday, April 10  Noon-2:30pm



Tuesday, April 9

Tell Me a Story About Supply Chain Transparency


As consumers focus on ingredient quality to make purchase decisions, brands have a unique storytelling opportunity to highlight supply chain transparency and win over consumers. We’ll dive into the specifics of how and where to tell the story of your brand’s supply chain transparency efforts. From the details to share, the characters to feature, and the right content and influencer channels to use, you’ll learn how to tell a captivating transparency story that resonates with consumers. 

Speaker: Todd Pauli, Managing Partner, 24 Stories

Gummies as a Convenient and Healthy Dietary Supplement


GELITA – the global innovation leader in collagen proteins (collagen peptides and gelatine) – offers innovative gummy formulations.

To revolutionize gelatine gummy production, GELITA’s Fast Forward Process (FFP) is a starch-free production method that uses reusable silicone molds instead of traditional starch trays.

GELITA’s SMART TECHNOLOGY provides additional value for collagen peptides.  GELITA (ST) collagen peptides are easier to handle – even at high doses.  And, GELITA (HST) combines the best of two worlds – Bioactive Collagen Peptides® with gelling power.

Speaker: Michelle A. Montgomery, Ph. D., Manager, Technological Affairs, Gelita

When You Need People to Get the Job Done, There’s a Tool for That—and It’s Not an App


Have you requested a task be done only to have it delayed, done incompletely or finished at the expense of an even more important task? Could your request be a demand in disguise? There are tools to navigate employee workload, increase efficiencies and improve company morale. Learn the conditions for success required for an effective request and what to do when there’s a breakdown.

Speaker: Karen Howard, CEO/Executive Director, Organic & Natural Health Association

Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics, Postbiotics, Oh My!


Increased interest and knowledge around the human microbiome has led to the popularity of a variety of evolving ingredient categories. Join Ivan Wasserman of Amin Talati Upadhye, LLP as he explains the terminology used to describe different types of “biotic” ingredients.

Speaker: Ivan Wasserman, Managing Partner, Amin Talati Upadhye LLP

Consumer Appeal: The Path of Least Resistance


To address issues of swallowability, Brand Enhancement Manager, Rita Steffenino will present the formulation and laboratory screening processes Colorcon conducted to develop a film coating formulation that satisfies both the perception of, and the reality of ‘easy to swallow’. These processes ultimately led to a unique film coating formulation that is superior to standard film coating formulations in vitro and, was most preferred in an independent clinical swallowability panel.

Speaker: Rita Steffenino, Brand Enhancement Manager, Colorcon, Inc.

DSHEA at 25: Supplement Regulation Then, Now & Into the Future


The Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA) came into law 25 years ago; as 2019 started, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., spoke out about the state of supplement regulation, opening the door to greater dialogue and opportunity – as well as potential challenges ahead. Join the Council for Responsible Nutrition for insights around the current challenges facing the supplement industry, and what government oversight and self-regulatory efforts could look like in the future.

Speaker: Ingrid Lebert, Government Relations, Council for Responsible Nutrition

The CBD Business Opportunity


What is the state of the hemp-derived CBD market today? This information-packed session will reveal fresh data findings from proprietary NBJ research including surveys of manufacturers and consumers as well as unique insights from NEXT product concept testing—the NEXT team provided 26 hemp and CBD product concepts to 1,000 consumers nationwide to see what type of products and claims most resonated.

Speaker: Claire Morton, Senior Industry Analyst, Nutrition Business Journal

Wednesday, April 10

Do Love and Marriage Go Together Like Marketing and PR?


Ideally, companies should be engaged in marketing, advertising and public relations (PR) strategies that work synergistically together. Problems and frustration can arise when tools and techniques from each practice are used inappropriately for the same goals. Before you engage in a PR program, understand how it uniquely differs from marketing, why your company needs it and how you can leverage four tools you already have to build your own successful PR program.


Speaker: Amy Summers, President, Pitch Publicity

Sustainable Herbs Program: Following Medicinal Plants from Seed to Shelf


The Sustainable Herbs Program, a joint program with ABC, is following medicinal plants from their point of origin through the supply chain to raise industry and consumer awareness about issues of sustainability and ethical practices. This presentation will present best practices; explain why these practices are crucial to the long-term success of the industry, and provide resources for next steps to take.

Speaker: Ann Armbrecht, Ph.D., Director, Sustainable Herbs Program, American Botanical Council

Enhancing Bioavailability of Insoluble Bioactive Compounds


Discover new insights around a patent-pending invention that can enhance bioavailability of insoluble bioactive compounds using soluble natural gums. This technology offers several advantages (e.g., novel, economical, GRAS safe, easy-to-use, clean and simple labeling, nutritionally desirable and patent-pending protection), and is expected to have a major impact on the nutraceutical industry as a value-added practical application. Speaker: Reza Kamarei, Ph.D., Consultant, Kamarei Consulting

Speaker: Reza Kamarei, Ph.D., Consultant, Kamarei Consulting

What Is the Regulatory Current State of Play With CBD?


It’s on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, it’s in trendy coffee bars and small smoke shops, and even your parents are asking about this CBD—can it really do everything I hear it can? So many questions are in the air around CBD, with questions around its legal status among the top concerns for companies. Get the latest insights around regulatory issues related to CBD at an international, national and local level.

Speakers: Steven Shapiro & Marc Ullman, Of Counsel, Rivkin Radler LLP

Transparency: What You Don’t Show CAN Hurt You


This presentation will discuss the state of industry transparency from both a risk and marketing perspective against a backdrop of current events and similar industries. Participants will gain insight into what to look for from a risk management standpoint, how to successfully compete using transparency as a tool to turn skeletons to neutral or even assets.

Speaker: Len Monheit, Managing Partner, Trust Transparency Center