Exhibitor Referral Program

Invite your customers for the discounted rate of $79!

The referral campaign was created to make it easy for exhibitors to promote their presence at SupplySide East 2020.

As an exhibitor, you have access to a customized landing page where your customers and prospects can go to register for their $79 Expo Hall Pass. 

Exhibitors will receive an email with a link to their personalized dashboard. The email will come from our Referral Campaign Platform, Feathr (The email sender address will be partners@feathr.co.) As new exhibitors book, emails will be deployed on a regular basis.

From your exhibitor dashboard, you can:

  • View your customized landing page.

  • Share the link to your customized landing page with your customers/prospects, giving them $79 admission to the Expo Hall floor.

  • Send or download a custom-made email promoting your presence at the event.

  • Download banner ads to place on your website, in e-newsletters, or share on social media.

The $79 Expo Hall Pass registration is meant to be used for an exhibitor's industry prospects. The pass is valid for Expo Hall Passes for Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, Health Practitioner, Food Service and Investor business types. The pass is valid both days of the Expo Hall: June 23 & 24.*Promo code valid for Expo Hall Manufacturer business types only and is NOT valid on previous registrations. No refunds are issued for pre-existing registrations. 


How to Get Started

1. The first step in launching your referral campaign is to set up your company’s personal dashboard. A link to your dashboard will be emailed to you by SupplySide East through our Referral Campaign Platform, Feathr.

2. Once you receive the link, it will send you to your personalized dashboard. Instructions will appear onscreen to walk you through the set up. It will take just a few minutes to complete since exhibitor information is auto-filled. But, if you would like to change anything, feel free to do so at this time.

3. If you did not receive your email with dashboard link, please contact Cassie Jensen at cassie.jensen@informa.com

For more detailed information, read our FAQs >