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Booth # C114

Natural Astaxanthin

AstaReal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Group, Toyama, Japan. We are a global pioneer and expert in natural astaxanthin cultivation, R&D and clinical science. Nearly 30 years ago, AstaReal® pioneered the natural astaxanthin industry, establishing the quality and safety standards for natural astaxanthin. AstaReal® has built the natural astaxanthin industry  on a foundation of scientific research, quality, safety, and innovation that has made it possible for this ingredient to grow into a variety of human health platforms, including muscle function, eye health and skin health. AstaReal® Astaxanthin has been used as a key ingredient for innovative brands around the world. We offer AstaReal® Astaxanthin in a variety of forms to suit your food, beverage and dietary supplements or pet food formulations. AstaReal® offers traceability and is made in USA from closed indoor algal cultivation to extraction. We have FDA GRAS, NDI, Health Canada approved, Kosher, Halal, non-GMO Verified, USP verified, NSF GMP registered, we are a NASC preferred supplier, and Paleo certified.  With over 70 AstaReal® human clinical trials in our portfolio, we dedicate ourselves to educate the world about the outstanding benefits for human health and setting the highest standards of product quality. As the world's most studied and trusted brand of natural astaxanthin, AstaReal® is truly the gold standard for natural astaxanthin.


Sabinsa Corporation
Booth # D107


Founded in 1988, Sabinsa has pioneered the introduction of more than 100 standardized herbal extracts and employees over 1,000 people worldwide. As the inventor of the patented Curcumin C3 Complex®, #1 clinically studied Curcumin brand in the world, Sabinsa continues to develop more science ranging from joint health support to understanding Curcumin’s role in metabolic syndrome. Carefully cultivated with thousands of farmers, to deliver unadulterated, NON-GMO certified, non-synthetic Curcumin – trust only Curcumin C3 Complex®.


Booth # D137

Collagen Protein

GELITA inspires solutions for active lifestyles and healthy aging. We are the world market leader in collagen proteins and the official Collagen Protein Sponsor of SupplySide West.GELITA’s Gelatine and Collagen Peptides are used in thousands of global health & nutrition and food products. From fortified gummies to gelatine capsules with optimized release profiles to novel protein enrichment options to collagen supplementation for musculoskeletal benefits, GELITA’s Collagen Proteins pivotal in these health and nutrition advances. 


Probi USA, Inc., dba Nutraceutix
Booth # G105


Probi USA is a NSF registered GMP probiotic ingredient producer and contract manufacturer of premium nutritional supplements for quality conscious brands around the globe. Probi USA specializes in producing high quality probiotics in bulk powder form and is an expert contract manufacturer of enhanced probiotic caplets, tablets and capsules; many of which utilize the renowned and multi-patented BIO-tract® delivery system to enhance product potency. Probiotics are produced expertly in-house or sourced from third parties to meet client product formulation and quality objectives. Probi USA also applies its dietary supplement manufacturing expertise to produce a variety of controlled release nutraceuticals with and without probiotics.